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Zhuoyan is a 17 year old female from China.  She will be joining us at MCCC for 2 years.  She is interested in taking a variety of classes and hopes to become a teacher some day.  Zhuoyan enjoys playing the piano, badminton, ice skating, acting, and dancing.  Her friends describe her as “easy going,” a good listener but also talkative.  She previously spent a year of high school in Fort Worth, Texas.  Zhuoyan is very excited about coming to the US again, trying different things, and becoming a “real member” of her host family.

Sasa is a 19 year old male from The Netherlands.  Sasa will be with us for 1 year and hopes to study journalism and communication while at MCCC.  He enjoys playing many sports but particularly soccer.  In addition to Dutch and English, Sasa also speaks Serbo-Croatian.  His friends describe him as spontaneous, very nice, and say that he speaks his mind.  Since he was young it has always been his dream to come to the United States and he can’t wait to start his year here!

Hwi-Ram-is a 21 year old student from Korea.  He currently studies business administration at one of Korea’s most prestigious universities.  While in the US he aims to use this experience to not only improve his English but also try out different courses - such as journalism and mass media.  Hwi-Ram has been reading autobiographies of important figures recently.  He realized that the common thread through all of their stories was the willingness to try new experiences and challenge oneself, for this reason he has chosen to study in America and live with a host family.  In addition, Hwi-Ram has many other interests outside of the classroom.  He enjoys playing the piano and saxophone.  He also loves to demonstrate taekwondo with his martial arts club.  He states, “I hope to create good memories with your family and learn many things!”

is 18 years old and from China.  He has already spent a year of high school in Florida, and is keen on learning more about the US as well as sharing the Chinese culture and traditions.  Weicheng is very sociable and friendly, and enjoys having the chance to make new friends.  He hopes to study business courses while at the college and continue to work diligently on his English skills.  He enjoys playing soccer and playing the piano, and hopes to be able to do both during his stay in the US.


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    Megan McCaffery-Bezeau - YFU Coordinator  
    Monroe County Community College  
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