Fellowed Courses

  Fall 2016

The heart of our writing program is our active engagment with Writing Across the Curriculum. Writing Fellows are assigned to individual courses and work closely with instructors and students to help students understand the writing strategies needed to successfully complete a writing project. This semester, MCCC Writing Fellows are working with 299 students and 9 instructors representing seven separate academic disciplines.

Instructor Course Day(s) Time Enrollment Writing Writing Fellows
William McCloskey Thea 151-51** MW 9:30-10:50
Whitman Rm 2
24 1 play review Nichole Freiheit
Leah Thomas
  Thea 151-01 MW


30 1 play review

Nathan Grodi
Olivia Latray

  Human 151-02 TR 3:30-4:50
25 4 pg. response paper

Jessica Ryder
Vanessa Ray

  Human 151-03 MW


25 4 pg. response paper

Tanner Irwin
Alex Potratz

  Human 151-04 TR


25 4 pg. response paper

Cherie Farley
Taylor Apker








Lori Jo Couch Engl 151-L1* Online Online 20 3 papers 4-6 pgs

Sarah Dusseau
Emma Muth

  Engl 151-L2* Online Online 20 3 papers 4-6 pgs

Dawn Witmer
Rachael Lopez

  Engl 253-01 MW 11-12:20
Rm C-230
18 1 literary analysis
4-6 pgs.
Kellyann Navarre
  Engl 253-L1* Online Online 15 1 literary analysis
4-6 pgs.
Samantha Bartley
Dan Shaw Comm 151-01 TR

Rm C-6

21 5-7 pg. research paper

Kasey Perkins
Miranda Gardner

  Comm 151-02 MW

Rm C-229

25 5-7 pg. research paper

Jake Adams
Emily DiMeglio

Joseph Dunne Phil 152-01 TR

Rm C-230

25 5 pg research

Kevin Stewart
Elisabeth Sickler

  Phil 152-L1* Online Online 20 5 pg research

Faith Funk
Cherie Farley***

  Phil 254-L1* Online Online 20 10 pg research

Rachael Billock
Kevin Stewart***

Jo Ellen Locher Engl 155-01 TR 11:00-12:20

White Paper
8-10 pgs.

Brady Spitulski
Nocole Garner Nurs 103-01 MT

Bldg H

22 5-7 pg APA Research

Emily Cornell
Joseph Abrams

Jeff Peters CIS 130-51** MW

Rm 5

22 4-5 pg. paper

Jared Hehl
Kayla Maddox


*(All L1, L2, L3 are Online Courses on Blackboard and/or Email. Consult your instructor to find out if you are using Blackboard or email to submit papers.

**Whitman Center