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Associate of Science Degree Requirements

To earn the associate of science degree, the student must successfully complete courses from the following areas:

General Education
(See General Education Requirements for an approved list of courses.)

Goal: Critical Thinking

C1 Competency 1: Understand and apply the elements of scientific inquiry and scientific principles in a natural science college laboratory course setting.

C2 Competency 2: Use mathematics to effectively model and evaluate quantitative relationships.

Goal: Communication

C3 Competency 3: Write effectively.

C4 Competency 4: Understand and apply current and appropriate technology tools and resources.

Goal: Social and Cultural Awareness

C5 Competency 5: Recognize expressions of the human experience.

C6 Competency 6: Understand the processes that influence human values, thoughts, social systems and behavior.

Additional Requirements

Written Communication – 3 Semester Hours
In addition to the General Education Competency (C3), the student must successfully complete one additional writing course selected from English 102, 152, 155 or 254.

Social Science – 6 Semester Hours
In addition the courses to meet the General Education Competencies (C5) and (C6), the student must successfully complete an additional six semester hours selected from the subject areas listed below:
Anthropology, economics, geography (except geography 151), history, political science, psychology, social work, sociology or criminal justice.

Students can earn a Global Studies degree designation at MCCC. See Page 43 for details