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The La-Z-Boy Center at MCCCBy virtue of its technical attributes and scaled size, the La-Z-Boy Center Meyer Theater will permit a new strata of production available to audiences and to those interested in performance, production, and the related skills and professions that can be supported by this space, including lighting, sound production, set design, acting and directing, costume design, and staging.

The La-Z-Boy Center Meyer Theater will strengthen the College as a focal point for major community events and conferences, reaffirming the College as a well-defined community resource where people expect and look forward to experiencing high-quality educational and cultural enrichment. Through a series or partnerships with civic, educational, and governmental entities, this facility will create a place for civic discourse and interaction. The La-Z-Boy Center Meyer Theater will become an educational and cultural destination, one that encompasses all of Monroe County.


Jeff Daniels Event November 2007

Bradley Sowash September 2007