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Dean's List Information

Congratulations! You made the Monroe County Community College Dean’s List for the Winter 2016 semester! MCCC recognizes students who have achieved a GPA of 3.50 or higher (registered in a minimum of 12 academic credits) by including their name on the Dean’s List (Fall and Winter semesters only). This list will be released to the local media and will be posted on the MCCC website.

As a “green” initiative, MCCC does not automatically print and mail Dean’s List Certificates to students. Requests for printed certificates can be emailed to Please include the following information: your name, MCCC ID, and MCCC email address. Please use the SUBJECT line: Winer 2016 Dean’s List Request.

Requests made by May 31 will have certificates available for pickup approximately June 10. Any requests made after June 12 may have to wait to have a certificate processed as they will be printed in batches.

Once the certificates have been printed per your request, you will receive an email to your MCCC email address indicating when your certificate is ready to be picked up at the MCCC switchboard/information window. If you are closer to the Whitman Center campus, please let me know and I can arrange for you to pick it up there. Again, we offer our congratulations!

Winter 2016 Dean's List

Joseph B. Abrams
Alexia S. Alvarez
Danielle N. Anderson
Hannah C. Anderson
Austin M. Anson
Kyle A. Baker
Jennifer P. Baquedano
Daniel T. Bean
Ms. Brooke L. Berthlett
Amanda L. Beste
Megan J. Blake
Ryan A. Booker
Haley A. Breckenridge
Megan N. Brown
Jennell M. Brown
Luke J. Bunge
Ms. Cecilee N. Carmack
Megan M. Castiglione
Kristin R. Clapp
Allan A. Cornwell
Brandon Cosby
Joseph A. Costello III
Kalyn M. Davis-Hager
Jessica A. Dehner
Jared A. Deindoerfer
Nicole R. Denman
Dane L. Diesing
Micaela M. Domosle
Shellie M. Donbrosky
Jack G. Durham
Zachary W. Everson
Elanor L. Falconer
Erin P. Faulk-Ringle
Abigail L. Faust
Ms. Sarah B. Ferrier
Darren W. Fitzgerald
Hollie A. Fleming
Caitlin E. Fortune
Jennifer L. Freeman
Christopher J. Fultz
Katelin J. Gangway
Alexis S. Garbo
Jaynie C. Gauthier
Kate M. Geiman
Allison R. Giannola
Garrett J. Gilliam
Cody A. Gledhill
Stephanie Z. Goans
Natalya O. Groff
Justin T. Gruden
Christopher W. Gutmann
Danielle N. Hafner
Hannah J. Haise
Zachary E. Hamil
Aaron M. Hawes
Kayla J. Hawley
Alexander W. Headon
Spencer M. Hehl
Ryan J. Heiserman
Nathan P. Hintz
Kelsey A. Hite
Andrew J. Hoffman
Michael J. Holden
Kraig R. Hughes
Zachary N. Hyden
Rachel L. Imes
Katie L. Iott
James E. Jackson
Kelly R. Jacobs
Terrell M. Jenkins
Christy D. Jenkins
Brooke N. Jones
Ryan J. Katschor
Robert L. Kennedy
Christin J. Kern
Ryan A. Kernyo
Cassondra E. Kiley
Jordan T. King
Ms. Karen A. Kiser
Ashley A. Klug
Kyle M. Knabusch
Kelli M. Kohler
Cody M. Korbal
Ciara L. Koss
Jozsef A. Krajcz
Brittany N. Krzeminski
Alexis N. Kupovits
Madison M. LaRoy
Ms. Huan LaVoy
William T. Langton
Paige Larabell
Alex Larkins
Brent G. Lassey
Olivia A. Latray
David A. Lieb
Tristan Liedel
Aaron D. Liske
Joseph A. Livermore
Kathryn J. Long
Emily E. Lorton
Mariah C. Lucier-Canejo
Joshua L. Lynch
Garrett H. Madden
Sydney L. Maus
Michael C. Mayberry
Kimberly J. McGraw
Ms. Heather A. Metheny
Jacob M. Miller
Matthew J. Mitchell
Brianna R. Morgan
Sydni N. Morgan
Emily R. Mueller
Tayler N. Murray
Eryn M. Mushung
Emma A. Muth
Ms. Kelly A. Navarre
Courtnie R. Needham
Emily P. Nevel
Elizabeth A. Nieman
Angelica D. Noworyta
Mr. Jacob D. Ogle
Ms. Sarah M. Opfermann
David F. Pacheco
Rhiannon A. Panza
Ronald H. Penrod
Javed I. Peracha
Nathaniel C. Pierce
Jacob T. Pifer
Annmarie P. Pizzo
Sierra Poppenhager
Matthew A. Pownall
Melissa L. Proffitt
Courtney A. Rae
Ms. Kelly M. Reaume
Ms. Kayla F. Richards
Sarah J. Richardson
Austin R. Riedmaier
Anthony D. Sailer
Andrew Savel
Courtney N. Schember
Edward L. Schettler
Nicole M. Shaheen
Mara M. Shaw
Jared M. Shipe
Karissa C. Sieler
Michael R. Simonelli
Abigail J. Skemp
Julia G. Skrobowski
Carla R. Slamiar
Catherine M. Slayton
Stephen C. Smith
Alexander M. Smith
Brandon M. Smith
Jesse A. Stanford
Noah J. Stanford
Brynn A. Stolisov
Stacy L. Storms
Justin R. Strickland
Megan E. Taylor
Tyler J. Tomasik
Joshua J. Tomocik
Julia M. Toniolo
Rebecca A. Torzewski
Ryan R. Townsend
Jessica M. VanSlambrouck
Fallon R. Vasiliauskas
Kara A. Walker
Breanna M. Walle
Brett J. Westover
Lisa A. Whiteside
Joshua M. Wight
Matthew J. Willer
Nicholas Z. Willis
Andrew S. Woelmer
Damarius Works
Zechariah W. Yentz
Ashton J. Yoas
Clara K. Younglove
Jessica A. Ziegler