STEM Student Clubs


Math and Science Society (MASS)

Open to students with interests in astronomy, biology, chemistry, ecology/enviromnemtal science, mathematics, physics and general science, contact Lori Bean (734) 384-4131. Visit their web site at

The Psychology Interest Group

The purpose Psychology Interest Group is to provide an empowering community in which students interested in psychology may enhance their leadership, educational, and/or career pursuits together;  to expand member’s knowledge of the functions and workings of fields in psychology; to provide resources to any member who needs assistance in the area of psychology study or career growth; to provide experience that enriches the study outside the classroom; to provide non-academic and/or community based opportunities to engage in the applications of psychology and to promote an increase interests in psychology on campus.   For more information, contact Patrick Wise at  - phone at (734) 384-4298 or Melissa Grey at  - phone at (734) 384-4292.


SME is a program that will expose students to a hands-on, team-oriented engineering design project to design a robot for competition in an effort to stimulate interest in technology careers.  An emphasis of the program is to encourage participation by all students, women included.  Students who participate in the program will become members of the Student Chapter #198 of SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers).  The group is seeking students who are interested in, but not limited to: overseeing projects, electronic hardwiring, welding, robotic software functions and more.  Being a part of this program is a great opportunity for students to network professionally.  Please contact Peter Coomar at or (734) 384-4209.

The MCCC Robotics Club

The mission of the MCCC Robotics Club is to promote robotics and Stem Education to current and future MCCC students, to support the robotics program at MCCC and enrich the lives in the community through community service activities.  For more information about the Robotics Club, please contact Mike Mohn at



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