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Institutional Snapshot

The purpose of the Institutional Snapshot is to give the Evaluation Team a basic impression of the organization's overall scope and nature of operations during a specified time frame preceding the on-site visit.
Appendix A Institutional Snapshot Data
  1. Student Demography Headcounts
    A. Undergraduate Enrollments by Class Levels (Freshmen-Senior)
    B. Undergraduate Students by Degree Seeking and Non-degree Seeking Status (IPEDS Survey)
    C. N/A
    D. Age Range
    E. Number of Students by Residency Status
  2. Student Recruitment and Admissions
    A. Number of Applications, Acceptances, and Matriculations for Categories of Entering Students
    B. N/A
  3. Financial Assistance for Students
    A. Number and Percentage of Students Who Applied for Financial Assistance
    B. Number and Percentage of Students who Received Financial Aid
    C. Tuition Discount Rate
  4. Student Retention and Program Productivity
    A. Student Retention Rate by Race/Ethnicity
    B. N/A
    C. Number of Graduates between Fall 2004 and Fall 2006 by CIP Codes
    D. Selected Lecensure Examination Pass Rates
  5. Faculty Demography
    A. Headcount of Faculty by Highest Degree Earned
    B. Headcount of Faculty by Race/Ethnicity and Gender
    C. Headcount of Faculty CIP Codes

  6. Availability of Instructional Resources and Information Technology
    A. Instructional Resources and Information Technology
  7. Financial Data
    A. Actual Unrestricted Revenues, B. Actual Unrestricted Expense, C. Explanation of Shortfall

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