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Self-Study NCA/HLC Overview

The Evaluation Process

PEAQ employs a five-step comprehensive evaluation process to determine continued accredicted status.

•The organization engages in a self-study process for approximately two years and prepares a report of its findings in accordance with Commission expectations.

The Commission sends an evaluation team of Consultant-Evaluators to conduct a comprehensive visit for continued accreditation and to write a report containing the team's recommendations.

The documents relating to the comprehensive visit are reviewed by a Readers Panel or, in some situations, a Review Committee.

The IAC takes action on the Readers Panel's recommendation. (If a Review Committee reviewed the visit, the Review Committee takes action.)

The Board of Trustees validates the work of IAC or a Review Committee, finalizing the action.

Evaluations for initial and continued candidacy and initial accreditation also follow the processes outlined above.


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