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General Information


The Science/Mathematics Division provides course offerings in the following disciplines:

  • astronomy
  • biology (introductory, environmental, anatomy & physiology, botany, zoology, pathophysiology, microbiology, genetics)
  • chemistry (introductory, general, health science, organic)
  • earth science
  • geography (world regional, physical)
  • mathematics (basic, technical, statistics, explorations, mathematics for elementary teachers, beginning, intermediate, and college algebra, trigonometry/analytic geometry, precalculus, calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra). Business mathematics is offered through the Business Division.
  • physics (technical, general, engineering)
  • physical science
  • psychology (general, personality and adjustment, social exceptional person, child, life span, nonverbal)
  • social work (child development and care)
  • early childhood development (child growth and development, observing behavior, administration, infant, toddler, preschool and school age curriculum, early childhood externship)
In addition to the full complement of courses available on the main campus, the division also offers courses in biology, chemistry, early childhood development, earth science, environmental science, geography, mathematics, psychology, and social work at the Whitman Center.
Online courses are offered in the areas of mathematics and psychology. More details about the particular offerings are available at the college web site or in the schedule book for the desired semester.
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