Registration Instructions Step by Step
Register for a Class
• Click on the icon
• Log in to your secure account
• Click on "Students"
• Click on "Register or Add Sections"

• Select the term you wish to register for.

Use the "Search" capability to list sections. You may search using just a term, subject, and course number. For an advanced search, try searching for classes meeting on certain days, times, locations, etc. You may even search for classes taught by a specific instructor. Experiment with the search capabilities until you find the method that works best for you.

• Carefully verify term, status, section information, location, meeting times and days.

• To select a course, click on the box in the "Select Section" column. Be sure to check Status. You may only register for "open" courses. A check mark must appear in the Select Section box.
Click on Submit (Only once! be patient, this takes time)

The system will place your choices on a "Preferred Sections" List. Confirm your selection(s) by selecting "Register" in the action box for each section you want added to your schedule.
Click on Submit (Only once!) to REGISTER for these sections.
• Processing messages will appear at the top of the screen or in the "Status" column:
"Registered" in the "Status" column means you have been added to this class roster. You may now click on "My Schedule" at the bottom of this page and verify your registration.
"Failed" or other messages mean that your transaction was not successful
and that you are not registered in this class for the reason listed.
• Note: While on this page, be sure to go back to your list of "Preferred Sections" and remove any "leftover" sections that you did not register for. Select "Remove from List" for each class and clean up your "Preferred List".
• To select another class, go back to "Students Menu" and select "Register or Add Sections".

• Finished?

*Verify your class schedule using menu option: "My Class Schedule"
Be sure to print a copy for your records.

*Click on the "Account Summary by Term" menu option to find the amount of your tuition and fees.

*To pay when you register, click on menu option: "Pay tuition in full by Credit Card." The system accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. To pay at a later date, click on "Other Payment Options" to find out the various payment methods including payment via . Be sure to make your payment before the deadline.

*Log out and close your browser (Closing the browser clears your personal information and protects your privacy and confidentiality)

*Pay your tuition and fees by the deadline. You are responsible. Pay your fees or drop your classes. Students who register after the payment deadline are required to pay tuition and fees the day they register.

Drop and Add Instructions

To Add a Class:

  • Follow the Registration Instructions.

To Drop a Class:

  • Log in, etc.
  • Click on "Students"
  • Click on "Drop Sections "
  • Make sure you are looking at "Current Registrations". Carefully verify the term, section name and title, time and days.
  • To drop a course, click on the box in the "Drop" column. A check mark must appear in the box of the course to be dropped.
  • Submit (only once! Be patient, this process takes time)
    Successful: You will see confirmation on the screen. We recommend that you print a copy for your records.
    Failure: If the "Automatic W" period for this class has passed, you cannot drop the class.
  • Always log out and close your browser when you are finished.
Help Desk: (734) 384-4333

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