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Fall 2019 Semester Tuition and Fees
Billable Contact Hour System
About the Billable Contact Hour System

The method used to calculate the cost of instruction at Monroe County Community College is based on billable contact hours.

What is a billable contact hour?

Under the billing system, the cost for attending a course is determined by the course’s billable contact hours, rather than credit hours. A billable contact hour reflects an amount of time that a student spends in direct contact with an instructor, laboratory equipment or other instructional setting.

Charging by billable contact hours more fairly distributes the cost of instruction to those students who receive extra instruction. Based on this system, only students who are the recipeints of additional instruction will pay for additional billable contact hours.

How are billable contact hours for a course determined?

Several factors are considered in determining the billable contact hours of a course. The main factor is the number of hours the student is expected to either be in a class or in another “instructional” setting (such as a lab or clinical setting) in a typical week for a full-semester course. For the majority of courses at MCCC, the credit hours and the billable contact hours are the same.

Course information in this schedule and the WebPAL online course registration system includes both a credit hour and a billable contact hour for every MCCC credit course.

What types of financial aid are available to students?

There are a variety of ways MCCC students can get help in paying tuition, including grants, work-study, scholarships, payment plans and loans. To find out more about options, contact the Financial Aid Office at (734) 384-4135.

Calculating Tuition and Fees
To calculate your tuition and fees, you must consider the following items that apply to your student schedule.
Registration Fee (per semester)
Tuition (per billable contact hour)
Monroe County Resident
$ 132.25 ($112.25 per contact hour)
$ 219.50 ($199.50 per contact hour)
$ 242.50 ($222.50 per contact hour)
A Technology fee of $20.00 is included in the above and below amounts.
Some courses have lab or special fees. Please see WebPAL for details.
*Tuition and Fees are subject to change by action of the MCCC Board of Trustees.
Billable Contact Hour
Monroe County Resident
Out of County
Out of State
$132.25 $219.50 $242.50

Fall 2019 Tuition and Technology Fee Refund Policy
Standard Full semester Courses:
100% through September 3
50% Refund Period Wednesday, September 4 -Wednesday, September 11
No Refund beginning Thusday, September 12

Non-Standard Courses:

(A non-standard course is defined as a course that does not start or does not end on the semester start/end date)

If a course length is 1 to 13 calendar days, the 100 percent refund will apply when withdrawing prior to the day of the first class meeting. No refunds will be issued after this time.

If a course length is 14-63 calendar days, the 100 percent refund will apply when withdrawing on the first or second business day of the class. If withdrawing on the third or fourth business day of the class, students will receive a 50 percent refund. No refunds will be issued after this time.

A tuition refund computation is not based on the amount paid, but on the total amount of tuition and fees assessed. If you have a tuition balance owed at the time you withdraw from class(es), the refund (if any) will be credited to your account.

The processing of refunds for Fall Semester will begin the second week in October.

Refund Line: (734) 384-4291.

Lab fees are not refundable beginning with the 50 percent refund period.

The Registration Fee is non-refundable.

Note: Some Math courses have a $100 fee. This fee is not refundable after your section of the class has met.

Required Textbook and Supplies Prices
To meet the requirements mandated by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, textbook information will be posted for pre-registration and registration purposes beginning July 1, 2010. Requirements can be viewed in the following ways:

1. On the Bookstore web site - "purchase your textbooks online" and click on "Textbooks and course materials", then select your program. "Click here to go to purhcase textbooks online"

2. Through WebPAL System "Class Schedule - Search for Sections", click link under "Section Name and Title" to view section information screen.

When to Pay

  • Students who registered in advance must be sure to pay by July 24.
  • Students who register or add a class on or after July 24 must pay the day of registration.

How to Pay

If you register by webpal logo the system will tell you the amount due. You will also receive a confirmation statement.

Nelnet Business Solutions/MyPayment Plan - Online Tuition Management
Payment plan or full payment from your bank account: Payment plan options are available through a third party - Nelnet Business Solutions/MyPaymentPlan. Click on the Sign up logo for more information.My Payment Plan Sign up
Payment by Financial Aid.
All students with complete authorization files prior to registering by will have their aid applied to tuition and fee charges. Students who decide not to attend after registering for classes must contact the Registrar's Office to cancel their registration. Financial Aid students will be responsible for any charges not covered by their financial assistance. Financial Aid Office: (734) 384-4135

Payment by credit card.
You may pay by credit card online with . You may pay when you register (or later), as long as you pay before the payment deadline. You are responsible for either paying your fees or droping your class(es). Any credit card transaction that occurs at the Cashier’s window, online, or over the phone will incur a 2% convenience fee.

Payment in person.
You may pay at the Cashier's Window on or before the deadline.
The Cashier accepts cash, checks, VISA, MasterCard and Discover Card, any credit card transaction that occurs at the Cashier’s window, online, or over the phone will incur a 2% convenience fee.

The Cashier's Window is open each weekday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. except for Spring & Summer (see below).

NOTICE: Spring and Summer Business Hours
May 13 - August 9, 2019

Monday through Thursday - 7:30 am to 5:00 pm
Friday- 8:00 am - Noon

Payment by mail.

Payment by mail is only avialable to those who register prior to July .

Mail early. Payment must be received by July
Make checks payable to MCCC for the exact amount of your tuition and fees. Also, include the student's NAME and SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER or STUDENT ID NUMBER on the front of the check or money order, and mail to:

Cashier's Office
Monroe County Community College
1555 South Raisinville Road
Monroe, Michigan 48161-9904

If your check is returned for insufficient funds, a hold will be placed on your records until your account is up-to-date. There is a $15 charge for returned checks.