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The Regional Computer Technology Center (RCTC) and the Business Learning Lab (BLL) are open computer labs that provide free support services for all currently enrolled students to help in the development of academic skills essential to successful learning.  The staff of the RCTC and BLL assists students, faculty, and staff with personal computer and network operations, interpretation of instructional materials, and procedures associated with various software packages used in the computer labs. Technicians cannot tutor. 


a.   The student is responsible to have read an assignment or attended class prior to using the lab.

b.   The technicians don't give answers but will assist students in using their resources to gain knowledge on their own.

c.   The technicians will ask questions to be able to understand where the student is in the program.  This is not always clear just from looking at the screen.  Students having difficulty may be referred to their instructor.

d.   Students should formulate a question prior to asking for assistance.  The question, "Do you know why it won't work?" is not adequate.  Sample:  "I am using Microsoft Word.  I have tried to underline this phrase, but when it printed I didn't have an underline.  What could be the problem?" 
e.   Students should not expect answers with no work on their part.

f.    Students should not be disruptive to other students or staff.  Rude or belligerent behavior towards staff is unacceptable.  If a student has been warned about such behavior and it continues, your lab privileges may be revoked.


a.   The lab is also used for COMPASS testing and make-up testing.  We ask that you use manners and show respect for others at all times by keeping the noise level down.

b.   Please refrain from cell phone usage while working in the lab.  Cell phones should be turned off or to vibrate upon entering the lab.  Incoming calls should be taken in the student lounge or outside of the building.

c.   Please turn the headphone volume down so that it does not disturb others that are working in the lab.

d.   Restore room to the original order—leave the computer on, exit any open programs, and log off. Please pick up trash from your area, and push chairs under desks. 

e.   DO NOT bring children into the lab and DO NOT leave them unattended in the hallways while you work.

f.    NO refreshments or food in the lab, but they are permitted in the Student Lounge.

g.   Only course approved software is permitted in the lab.

h.   Students may not remain in the lab after posted times unless accompanied by their instructor.