Presidential SearchCompetitive Position

Monroe County Community has a strong market position.  In a 2009 Brand Image and Attitude Study, 93 percent of community members agreed that the college is meeting its mission and about 75 percent believe it is already meeting its vision.  About 85 percent of residents had heard or could recall something positive about MCCC in the past year.  Just over 80 percent had not heard or could not recall any negative information about MCCC in the same time frame.  Nearly half of the students surveyed could not name one thing they would improve about MCCC. 

According to the survey, 47.5 percent of students who attend MCCC did not consider another college option before enrolling.  The college’s chief competitors are the two closest four-year institutions:  the University of Toledo and Eastern Michigan University.  Thirteen percent of MCCC students considered UT before enrolling; 10.5 percent considered EMU.   Other community colleges were barely considered. 

About one fourth of the graduating seniors at Monroe County high schools last spring enrolled at MCCC for Fall Semester 2012.