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SI is not a typical study or review session. In a typical study or review session, the leader would do all the talking. In SI sessions, the students play an active role in guiding and leading the sessions. They decide what to work on during the session, and they work collaboratively to solve problems and explain material. Students bring their questions and answer one another's questions. In fact, rather than be drilled on the leader's questions, students are expected to come with the questions they want answered.

Students should not expect SI Leaders to be experts. Our leaders are peers who have already successfully completed the course and are willing to help other students. They have a solid background in the course material, which helps them help other students.

SI is a popular source of assistance precisely because the sessions provide a relaxed atmosphere in which to learn. Students can come and go anytime during the session, and students feel comfortable taking risks in the small group setting, both when asking questions and working toward finding the answers. In addition, SI sessions give students the chance to get to know other students enrolled in the course.

Above all, SI sessions are opportunities for students to expand their knowledge of the subject. Students who participate in SI not only get help solving homework problems and preparing for upcoming tests, but they also come to actually understand the concepts behind the problems. And we all know that a strong foundation now is especially important, since many advanced courses rely on the information learned in these introductory courses.


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