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Who are our Tutors?

The LAL uses both Student Tutors and Faculty Specialists to provide tutoring. Together, they provide tutoring services for most courses at MCCC.*

Student tutors are students who have been successful in the courses they tutor. They are recommended by their instructors as being proficient in the course's content. Student tutors receive additional training to learn effective tutoring techniques. Using their recent classroom experience, they can assist students in understanding the requirements of the class and often the instructor.
Faculty specialists are tutors who have credentials that are similar to those of MCCC faculty instructors. (Many have experience teaching on this or other college campuses.) They focus their tutoring in the areas of their advanced training, but sometimes they tutor classes for which they have developed expertise. In general, faculty specialists have years of experience helping students succeed. *If you want tutoring for a course we don't cover, you can submit a Tutor Request Form to the LAL coordinator (within the first 4 weeks of a semester). We'll try our best to find a tutor for you.






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