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Welcome to the MCCC Wireless Network Information Page

Logging into the MCCC Wireless Network.

If you are a registered student or an MCCC employee, you must log in using your assigned username and current password.

If you are a guest to MCCC please log into the 'monroeccc' network using the following guest credentials:

Username: mcccguest
Password: guestmccc

If you need more help or information, see links on the left navigation for your specific device type to get signed on.

For assistance, please call the Information Systems Department at (734) 384-4234.
Please note: Windows 7 and 8 users or those using Mac OS 10.5 or higher will receive a certificate error the first time they connect. It is safe to proceed.

This is what you need to get started:

  1. A laptop or device with either built-in wireless capabilities or a wireless Ethernet card.
  2. An internet browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  3. Your device MUST support Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2)
  4. If you have Windows XP installed on your computer, you must run Windows XP Service Pack 3 with the latest drivers for your wireless card which supports Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2).

MCCC Disclaimer

Monroe County Community College is not responsible for problems with hardware or software as a result of connecting to the wireless network. The user is responsible for making sure his/her hardware and software is compatible with wireless access before attempting to connect.

Acceptable Use Policy

Monroe County Community College wireless network users are required to read and accept the terms of service as described in the MCCC acceptable use policy. The complete policy can be viewed at the following web link: Administration/238 acceptable use.pdf

Additional Wireless Information

Printing – The wireless network does not connect to any printers on campus. You will need to save to a disk and take it to a lab with a printer.

Library Database Access –
When you are signed on to the wireless network, you can access the library’s electronic databases as an On-Campus user. You do not need to log into the databases with your library card.