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Institutional Review Board

When must an IRB application be submitted?

“Monroe County Community College holds a Federalwide Assurance (FWA) through OHRP.  As part of this Assurance, MCCC agrees to consider all research involving the use of humans as research participants as being subject to federal regulations regardless of the source of funding if one or more of the following apply:

  1. The research is sponsored by this institution or
  2. The research is conducted by or under the direction of any employee of this institution (unless the research is conducted at another institution with which MCCC has an “IRB Authorization Agreement” as specified in MCCC’s FWA), or
  3. The research is conducted by or under the direction of any employee of this institution using any property or facility of this institution, or
  4. The research involves the use of this institution’s non-public information to identify or contact human research subjects or prospective subjects.

In some instances, students may be involved in course activities such as questioning, participation in minimally physically stressing classroom exercises, observing, and/or interacting with other individuals.  The course instructor is responsible for determining whether such activity is classified as those kinds of activities that require Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval.  If the instructor has any doubt concerning the classification of these activities, he/she is encouraged to complete the Exempt Review Application for approval and submit it along with the protocol and any accompanying consent form(s), cover letter(s), and/or questionnaire(s) in order to obtain the guidance of the IRB regarding these activities.”



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