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Institutional Review Board

Authority of the MCCC IRB

Functions of the MCCC IRB

  1. The IRB reviews all projects and programs involving human subjects in accordance with Procedures, applicable federal regulations, and sponsor policies and guidelines.
  2. The IRB provides continuing advice and counsel to personnel engaged in activities involving human subjects.
  3. The IRB has approval authority of human subject protocols, and can disapprove, modify, or approve studies based upon consideration of any issue it deems relevant to human subject protection.  Research that has been approved by the IRB may be subject to further appropriate review and approval or disapproval by the Vice President of Student Services.  However, the Vice President of Student Services may not approve research if it has not been approved by the IRB.
  4. The IRB has authority to require progress reports from the investigators and oversee the conduct of the study.
  5. The IRB has authority to suspend or terminate approval of a study, or to place restrictions on a study, when this is deemed to be in the best interests of the subjects in that study.
  6. The IRB has authority to observe the informed consent process as practiced by any investigator or authorized person in any approved protocol especially in cases where the consentee is from a vulnerable population.
  7.  The IRB has the authority to access and to make copies of records related to any research approved by the IRB (or another body under an IRB Authorization Agreement), regardless of the location of those records, for any reason.  Where feasible, appropriate notice will be given of the need to review, copy or duplicate records while being sensitive to causing the least inconvenience or disruption of ongoing research.”



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Coordinator of Research, Evaluation & Assessment
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