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Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement

Degree/Certificate Requirements
General Information

Criminal Justice
This associate of applied science program prepares students for employment in criminal justice positions that require an associate degree or transfer to baccalaureate programs in criminal justice. Students planning to transfer should consult both their Monroe
County Community College advisor and the transfer school for assistance in selecting appropriate electives.

In addition to the two-year associate degree program, Monroe County Community College offers a certificate program in criminal justice. We recognize that many employers place value on a certificate which authenticates specialized education preparation. The program concentrates upon basic core courses with skill development and job upgrading being the primary objectives. All courses taken in the certificate program are applicable toward the associate of applied science degree in criminal justice or law enforcement.

Law Enforcement
This associate of applied science program prepares students for employment in law enforcement positions requiring both an associate degree and Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) certification (
MCCC students may take the Police Academy at the Schoolcraft College, Radcliff Campus in Garden City.

The following steps will need to be completed:
1. Students must be admitted to Schoolcraft College.
2. Students must have their official transcript sent to Schoolcraft College.
3. Students are required to contact the Wayne County Regional Police Training Academy at Schoolcraft College for application materials before the end of the second semester at Monroe County Community College. Call the Public Safety Education Office at Schoolcraft at (734) 462-4306 for information and application materials.

4. Students must complete the general education and required core courses at Monroe County Community College with a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA prior to entering the Police Academy.
5. Schoolcraft College Police Academy is a qualifying admission program. Applicants must meet the requirement in order to be accepted.
6. Applicants must successfully pass the MCOLES pre-enrollment reading and writing test and the pre-enrollment physical agility test.
7. After meeting these requirements, along with a successful interview, criminal history check and driving record check, qualified students will be admitted into the course.