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Understanding Your Award

Any financial aid that you are granted is automatically applied to your tuition and fees. Any monies that are remaining after tuition and fees are paid will be sent to the bookstore approximately 10 days prior to the semester start date. Anything you purchase in the bookstore will automatically be deducted from your award amount.

For Federal Grants & Loans, the award amount shown on your award letter is the amount you will receive is based on full-time enrollment (12 credit hours or more). Attending less than 12 credit hours will decrease your Grants & Loans award amount. Please click here to view the Pell Grant Award Schedule. This information will help you determine your pell grant amount based on your enrollment status.

*Please make sure to see the Keeping your Award page for information on Satisfactory Academic Progress and withdrawal from classes. Also the Changes to Your Schedule: Dropping or Adding Courses page.

Special Circumstances

Although the process of determining a student's eligibility for federal student aid is basically the same for all applicants, there is some flexibility.

In some cases, the financial aid administrator may adjust your cost of attendance or the information used to calculate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) to take into account circumstances that might affect the amount you and your family are expected to contribute toward your education. These circumstances could include a family's unusual medical or dental expenses or tuition expenses for children attending a private elementary or secondary school. Also, an adjustment may be made if you, your spouse, or either of your parents (if applicable) has been recently unemployed. If conditions such as these apply to you or your family, contact the financial aid administrator.

Check with the financial aid administrator if you feel you have any other special circumstances that might affect the amount you and your families are expected to contribute toward your education. But remember, there must be very good reasons for the financial aid administrator to make any adjustments, and you will have to provide adequate proof to support those adjustments. The financial aid administrator's decision is final and cannot be appealed to the U.S. Department of Education.