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Types of Financial Aid

There are four main types of financial aid:

Grants are awarded based on financial need and require no repayment. Both federal and state grants are available.

Monroe County Community College offers a variety of scholarships based on many different factors for students. Some factors may include academic achievement, financial need, or a disability. No repayment is required for scholarships.

Work Study
Work study is a form of need-based federal and state financial aid. Work study provides students with part-time employment opportunities in a variety of on and off-campus jobs.  

Student Loans
Loans must be repaid at a future date, with interest.

To apply for any of the above types of financial aid, you must first complete the basic application process. Please visit the Applying for Financial Aid page for information on how to get started. Depending on what type of aid you are applying for, additional documents and information may be required; to access this information, just click on the above types of aid. 






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