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Classes Eligible for Financial Aid

U.S. Department of Education regulations require that a student must be enrolled in an eligible degree or certificate program to receive federal financial aid. Additionally, only classes that are required for the student to earn the degree or certificate are eligible for financial aid funding. (Note: Developmental courses are eligible for financial aid funding, up to a maximum of 30 attempted credits of development coursework.)

If a student is enrolled in any courses that do not count toward fulfilling the requirements of the student’s degree or certificate program, those courses cannot be used to determine enrollment status for federal financial aid.  While students may take classes that are not required for their degree or certificate program, MCCC cannot award federal financial aid for those classes.

What programs are eligible for federal financial aid?

All associate degree programs at MCCC are eligible for federal financial aid.  Most certificate programs that meet a minimum of 15 weeks and are at least 16 credit hours in length are eligible for federal financial aid.  Contact the Financial Aid Office (734-384-4135) if you have questions about whether a certificate program meets the minimum requirements to qualify for federal financial aid.