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MCCC is in the process of changing from our current Blackboard system to a new Learning Management System (LMS) called Brightspace. Beginning spring 2018 semester (May 7, 2018) the new Brightspace system will be MCCC's primary LMS and can be accessed using the link below within the Brightspace section.

If you need to access Blackboard beyond May 7, 2018, please use the link below in the Blackboard section. Please note that after June 2018, Blackboard will no longer be available and MCCC's primary LMS will be Brightspace.

Winter 2018 Courses Access Blackboard Here

Blackboard Login

To access Blackboard, click here:

Please note that access to Blackboard will no longer be available after June 2018.


Spring/Summer 2018 Classes Access Brightspace Here

Brightspace Login

To access the new Brightspace system, click here: