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Faculty Listing by Division
Admissions and Guidance Services (734) 384-4263  
Denko, Jill
Assistant Professor of Student Services A-111

Admissions and Guidance Services (734) 384-4105  
Haver, Joyce
Professor of Counseling A-108

Admissions and Guidance Services (734) 384-4262  
Mapes, Steve
Associate Professor of Counseling A-109

Applied Science & Engineering Technology Division (734) 384-4165  
Chandel, Roop
Professor of Materials Technology T-123

Applied Science & Engineering Technology Division (734) 384-4120  
Dubois, Martin
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology T-125

Applied Science & Engineering Technology Division (734) 384-4118  
Hasselbach, Stephen
Welding Instructor T-127

Applied Science & Engineering Technology Division (734) 384-4121  
Kerste, Dean
Professor of Mechanical Design Technology T-141

Business Division (734) 384-4289  
Baul, Parnella
Associate Professor of Accounting C-208

Business Division (734) 384-4142  
Hesser, Bradley
Associate Professor Graphic Design E-129

Business Division (734) 384-4148  
Hilliker, William
Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems W-174

Business Division (734) 384-4122  
Nedry, Patrick
Professor of Business C-206

Business Division (734) 384-4286  
Reiman, David
Professor of Business C-205

Business Division (734) 384-4150  
Thomas, Kevin
Instructor of Culinary Skills A-146

Business Division (734) 384-4301  
Wang, Scott
Associate Professor of Accounting L-218

Business Division (734) 384-4294  
Wysocki, Wendy
Professor of Business & Economics C-214

e-Learning and Instructional Support (734) 384-4129  
Peters, Jeff
Coordinator of e-Learning and Instructional Support W-176

Health Sciences Division (734) 384-4175  
Boylan, Holly
Assistant Professor of Nursing L-214

Health Sciences Division (734) 384-4173  
Garner, Nicole
Assistant Professor of Nursing H-118

Health Sciences Division (734) 384-4253  
Giacomini, Tracy
Assistant Professor of Nursing H-153

Health Sciences Division (734) 384-4266  
Lymond, Dawn
Assistant Professor of Nursing H-151

Health Sciences Division (734) 384-4267  
McClure, Lindi
Assistant Professor of Practical Nursing L-215

Health Sciences Division (734) 384-4265  
Robinson, Denise
Assistant Professor of Nursing H-116

Health Sciences Division (734) 457-6025  
Schwartz, Michelle
Assistant Professor of Nursing H-152

Health Sciences Division (734) 384-4268  
Spaulding, Shane
Director of Clinical Education Respiratory Therapy Program H-154

Humanities/Social Sciences Division (734) 384-4281  
Bergmooser, Mark
Assistant Professor of Speech/Journalism/Tae Kwon Do C-203

Humanities/Social Sciences Division (734) 384-4285  
Couch, Lori Jo
Assistant Professor of English C-210

Humanities/Social Sciences Division (734) 384-4157  
Heiks, Deminique
Instructor of Criminal Justice C-212

Humanities/Social Sciences Division (734) 384-4238  
La Clair, Edmund
Assistant Professor of History C-221

Humanities/Social Sciences Division (734) 384-4284  
Locher, JoEllen
Assistant Professor of English C-207

Humanities/Social Sciences Division (734) 384-4232  
Mohney, Kenneth
Professor of Sociology/Anthropology L-219

Humanities/Social Sciences Division (734) 384-4154  
Nartker, Carrie
Professor of English C-211

Humanities/Social Sciences Division (734) 384-4158  
O'Halloran, Therese
Assistant Professor of Art A-167

Humanities/Social Sciences Division (734) 384-4297  
Sabo, Joanna
Professor of Political Science and Global Studies Coordinator C-208

Humanities/Social Sciences Division (734) 384-4296  
Shaw, Dan
Assistant Professor of Humanities and Journalism L-121

Learning Assistance Lab (734) 384-4164  
Gerlach, Kristine
Disability Services Coordinator C-LAL

Learning Resources Center (734) 384-4161  
Kovach, Terri
Professor, Reference/Technical Services Librarian C-104

Learning Resources Center (734) 384-4162  
Yonovich, Cindy
Reference/Public Services Librarian C-103

Science/Mathematics Division (734) 384-4131  
Bean, Lori
Associate Professor of Biology & Chemistry L-224

Science/Mathematics Division (734) 384-4256  
Fonseca, Maris
Professor of Biology L-123

Science/Mathematics Division (734) 384-4276  
Fuertes, Michael
Associate Professor of Chemistry L-222

Science/Mathematics Division (734) 384-4292  
Grey, Melissa
Professor of Psychology L-125

Science/Mathematics Division (734) 384-4219  
Moorman, Felice
Assistant Professor of Early Childhood L-118

Science/Mathematics Division (734) 384-4252  
Naber, Mark
Professor of Mathematics L-212-1

Science/Mathematics Division (734) 384-4213  
Rayl, Tracy
Assistant Professor of Biology L-116

Science/Mathematics Division (734) 384-4246  
Scarpelli, Lisa
Assistant Professor of Geosciences L-120

Science/Mathematics Division (734) 384-4132  
Shepherd, Kathleen
Professor of Mathematics L-216

Science/Mathematics Division (734) 384-4277  
Spalding, Roger
Professor of Physics & Astronomy L-220

Science/Mathematics Division (734) 384-4247  
Vallade, James
Professor of Mathematics L-211

Science/Mathematics Division (734) 384-4130  
Wahr, Philip
Professor of Biology L-117

Science/Mathematics Division (734) 384-4298  
Wise, Patrick
Associate Professor of Psychology L-115