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Office of Workforce Development 

The Office of Workforce Development at MCCC offers students, alumni, and Monroe County Residents free assistance in locating employment opportunities in the Monroe area. The Office provides information regarding available part-time, full-time, permanent, and temporary positions in a wide variety of areas. Student assistant positions are also available through the Office.

Upon registration with the Workforce Development Office, job seekers can search for available jobs in the community and nationally, post and submit resumes and credentials packets to potential employers, and have access to a variety of job seeking skills seminars and reference materials.

Area employers can use the Office of Workforce Development, free of charge; to post available jobs and access qualified candidates registered with the office.

Resume Writing Tips Podcast - featuring Julie Montri, Michigan Works and Barry Kinsey, Workforce Development MCCC


The Workforce Development Office can provide the services of a certified WorkKeys® Job Profiler. WorkKeys is a comprehensive system for improving the workforce, can serve as a rallying point for these efforts.

Using WorkKeys...

  • Employers can identify and develop workers for a wide range of skilled jobs, as well as, find an objective, fair, and quantifiable way to assess skill levels.
  • Students and workers can document and advance their employability skills.
  • Educators can tailor instructional programs to help students acquire the skills employers' need.
  • Employers, Educators, and Individuals work from the same page.

WorkKeys is the tool for improving hiring decisions, reducing turnover, and improving employee satisfaction and productivity. MCCC's WorkKeys Service Center offers testing, assessment and training for workers in all types of organizations. Developed by American College Testing, Inc., of Iowa City, WorkKeys helps companies and individuals identify and learn skills needed to fill specific jobs. The eight WorkKeys skills are: Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, Listening, Writing, Teamwork, Applied Technology, Locating Information, and Observation. These eight skills can be benchmarked with ACT WorkKeys assessments. With the results from these assessments a Job Profiler can determine the employees' or potential employees' skill levels and where he/she needs to improve. With this information, the College prepare a customized training program for those specific skills where improvement is needed. Visit the WorkKeys website for more information at

One of the primary goals of the College's Workforce Development Office is to help employers hire and retain qualified employees, and build a stronger workforce for Monroe County. The use of WorkKeys by businesses in hiring and training typically results in higher employee productivity, higher job satisfaction, reduced turnover, and improved quality. For more information, e-mail Barry Kinsey, Director of Workforce Development, at or call him at 734.384.4124

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