Culinary Skills & Management

General Information

The associate of applied science degree with specialization in culinary skills and management and the culinary skills and management certificate program are designed to prepare students for careers in the food service industry. Labor market projections indicate that opportunities for trained cooks and chefs are expected to increase in the years ahead.

Students in the Culinary Skills and Management Program take college courses to gain knowledge and skills in cooking and restaurant operation. They receive hands-on experience operating the Cuisine 1300 Restaurant located on the MCCC campus, and also gain experience in banquet operations, catering, and kitchen management.

Graduates of this program are prepared to accept jobs as cooks and chefs in hotels, fine dining restaurants, resorts, and institutions. The work is demanding and the hours are long; however, job security, promotions, and good salaries reward the energetic worker.

Students are required to purchase their own uniforms, knives, tools and books. It is recommended that students have food service experience prior to enrollment in the program at MCCC.

In addition to completion of the required general education courses, students desiring the program designation on their transcript must complete the required core and specialized courses. Students are required to take the CSM courses in the order listed; however, the remaining courses required for the degree may be selected in accordance with the College schedule and advisor recommendations.

Students are reminded that CSM 111 (Food Sanitation) must be completed successfully before they may enroll in CSM 101A-D. CSM 111 is offered in the six-week summer session immediately preceding fall semester.

Job opportunities include:

    Restaurant Owner
    Sous Chef
    Line Cook
    Hospital/Institutional Chef
    Fine Dining Cook
    Restaurant Management Trainee
    Resort or Hotel Chef
   Front-of-the-House Positions


Culinary Skills & Management Department Faculty
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Kevin Thomas
A-138 (734) 384-4150
Vicki LaValle A-138 (734) 384-4151