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The  MACRAO  Agreement

Students who attended prior to Fall 2014 have until August 2019 to complete the MACRAO Agreement.

The MACRAO Agreement is a statewide agreement developed by the Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (thus the acronym MACRAO) between Michigan Community Colleges (Monroe County Community College included) and most Michigan four-year institutions. The agreement encompasses General Education Requirements and requires students to complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of General Education coursework at a Community College.   Depending upon the four year institution and the major, satisfying the requirements of this agreement allows a student greater flexibility in meeting general education requirements at the four-year institution. 

Note:  Some of the four-year colleges have added additional requirements, called "proviso's" to the 30 hour general education requirements.  In most cases, it is to the transfer student's advantage to complete the MACRAO agreement before transferring.


6 Semester hours of English Composition: ENGL 151, 152, 254
8 Semester hours of Humanities: ART, COMM, DRAMA, ENGL, FREN, GERM, HUMAN, JOURN, MUSIC, PHIL, PHOTO, SPAN, SPCH (courses must be taken in more than one discipline and must not include English Composition)
8 Semester hours of Social Science: ANTHR, CRJ, ECON, GEOG-152, HIST, POLSC, PSYCH, SWK, SOC, SOCSC
(courses must be taken in more than one discipline)
8 Semester hours of Natural Science: ASTRN, BIOL, CHEM, ESC, GEOG-151, PHY, PHYSC
1) At least one science must have a lab,
2) One of the courses may be Math   (MATH 151 or higher)
3) Science courses must be from more than one discipline

Courses which are not transferable (i.e.. technical, vocational, or developmental) are not part of the MACRAO agreement.

Students do not have to complete the Associate Degree at MCCC in order to have the "MACRAO Agreement Satisfied" notation on their transcript.   MCCC requires that 15 of the 30 hours be taken at MCCC.  For additional information or to request a MACRAO agreement evaluation, please contact the Monroe County Community College Office of the Registrar at (734) 384-4108.

MACRO Agreement Brochure