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Equivalency Lists

In developing this resource as a service to students who are thinking of transferring, MCCC has published equivalencies provided to MCCC as well as provided links to colleges and universities that we know of who maintain their MCCC course equivalency list on their Web site.  These equivalencies can be helpful in determining how a specific class at MCCC will transfer to one of the colleges listed.   Please remember that when you select a college or university, you may be linked to their web site.   If so, in order to return to the MCCC web site you will need to click on "back" or the arrow facing left, depending on your browser.

Other Transfer Equivalency Links

 Michigan Transfer Network

The MTN is a new and valuable tool that students are using to check transfer equivalencies for courses among and between other colleges and universities in Michigan.   

The Michigan Transfer Network is sponsored by the Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (MACRAO) in partnership with Michigan State University. While the majority of colleges and universities in Michigan are already participating, the MTN just went "live" as of November 2007 and is still considered a "work in progress".  

New schools are joining and new courses are being posted on a regular basis, so if the school you are interested in does not appear, call them directly.

Click here for a link to the Michigan Transfer Network


** Ohio Transfer System -

In addition to the equivalencies posted on the individual institution web site, many colleges and universities in Ohio participate in the system (formerly called CAS) which also allows students to check transfer equivalencies among and between any schools on the system.  Most Ohio institutions belong and many of those have posted equivalencies for MCCC courses.

Click here to go to where you may create an account and check for equivalencies.